We’re Different

Getting your film distributed is easy. But how do you prevent it from being lost among the millions of others in the overcrowded marketplace?

The answer is simple. We brand your film.

But what do we mean by that?

With over 12 years experience in both the festival and film industry we know the importance of brand awareness. It brings eyes to films that otherwise wouldn’t get the attention they deserve. It opens doors to PR opportunities – allowing greater coverage of your work in the media (incl. horror websites, print and broadcast/cable TV, film festivals & conventions).

Recent Press Coverage:

Through our exclusive partnership with RISING SUN MEDIA, we distribute digitally to the major streaming and digital platforms (incl. Amazon, Roku, Vimeo, iTunes, Vudu, Fandor & Tubi). But more than that, we actively promote your work under one of our 3 curated genre brands. Each brand is a spin-off of one of our associated film festivals –

  • HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST – Horror, Thrillers & Dark Sci-Fi
  • B&B – Female Driven Exploitation (comedy, thrillers, horror, action)
  • LAAF – Animation, Family and Anime

We also promote select horror & female-driven films and filmmakers through the high-end film and culture (and Breast Cancer Charity Fundraising) B&B Magazine.

If you have a short film we will repackage it, with others, into a feature anthology series, as we did successfully with the film series “HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST Presents.”



And here are our latest anthologies, this time all animation, under the LAAF banner.

We select the brand that most suits your film. Then we use our PR expertise and media connections to make your film stand out in the marketplace and maximize its sales potential.

We also offer DVD and Blu-ray releases.

DVDs (yes, there still is a market) and Blu-rays help promote films and bring in an increased media presence through reviews in print and online. It’s more cost effective than, and has largely replaced a traditional theatrical release.

Finally we offer a simple 50/50 revenue split (more on that in detail elsewhere on this site) and unlike other distributors do not charge for related publicity or expenses of any kind.