With the support of Rising Sun Media Inc. behind our brand we’re offering to monetize your work on a worldwide scale.

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Read on. 

What is Rising Sun Media? 

  • Rising Sun Media Inc. is a Los Angeles based distribution company for the leading digital platforms. 
  • They have over 10 years experience with solid contacts at all major digital outlets, and a large number of smaller, niche sites and platforms. 
  • We have worked with them, they’ve been supporters of our festivals since day one, so we trust them implicitly.

Why should you get distribution for your film? 

  • First of all, why not? If you have a film, it means you’ve spent a good amount of time and effort already.
  • Investors and bigger companies take notice of your work and this accomplishment. 
  • Simply put, once you have a film in worldwide distribution, it is much easier to get more projects off the ground. 
  • And, of course there is the money… 

What type of films can be considered? 

  • All that adhere to our distribution submission guidelines in our Questionnaire
  • If you answer YES to all of the questions below, feel free to go ahead with your submission for us to consider. 
  • If you answer NO to two or more questions, we recommend you do not submit your film. 
  • If you answer NO to just one of the questions and are interested in distribution, contact us ( to discuss it. 

Carefully read all the information below, to get a better idea if this is a good fit for you. 


  1. Are you currently interested in Worldwide digital distribution for your film? 
  2. Are you the rights holder for the film? If there are more rights holders, do you have their written permission to submit the film for distribution consideration? 
  3. Do you have all clearances and agreements for your film? (includes talent agreements, location releases, music & sound effects rights, rights to any images or graphics in the film, and basically anyone, any place or anything you see or hear in the film). If you have all clearances – are you able to provide proof of this (signed agreements, for instance, are proof that you own music rights)?
  4. Regarding the music in your film – does your music license agreement allow for its “commercial use”? This has to be verified before we can distribute your film. If you’re not sure, look it up. If you don’t have any way to verify this, please consider the answer to this question a “NO” and email us if you want to work with us.
  5. Does your film NOT show gratuitous nudity, sexual acts or pornography? Most of our content partners are NOT interested in this type of content, and it lowers your chance of getting your film distributed successfully. Artful nudity that serves the narrative is fine, but showing body parts just-for-the-sake-of-showing is no bueno. 
  6. Do you have a US bank account or Paypal or Venmo address that can accept incoming royalties from us?

Made it this far? Great! Answered “YES” to all the questions? Keep reading and we’ll explain the finer details. 

The fine print!

We are looking to curate a handful of films. Films normally get signed to a 3 year distribution agreement. This agreement is worldwide. Note that we are able to change the deal to exclude territories or do an exclusive agreement, if requested.

Why should filmmakers work with us? 

  • Rising Sun Media Inc. have been doing this for years! They have a mechanism in place that is a recipe for success. Truth be told: you CAN distribute your film by yourself… but your work may simply be lost among the millions upon millions of other small films in the marketplace. So you need to stand out. And you do that by having your film with us and being part of our bigger HHF/B&B library. One that attracts attention, press and customers. Also most of the bigger platforms won’t take submissions from smaller content providers, and prefer to deal with larger companies that can provide libraries of films. If you distribute by yourself you need to know where to submit it, who to pitch it to, to get all the deliverables ready and follow through with the submission process. In short: you need to be diligent and lucky. But distribute with us and we take care of all of that for you.

How does the royalty payment thing work? 

  • We pay out 30 days after the end of the quarter. So, for example, for sales made between January and March, you’d receive your royalties on April 30th.

How much money can I expect from distributing my film? 

  • Everybody always asks that! The truth is that it’s really hard to predict… Some films do really good, and some films don’t. It’s hard to know what the market is interested in at any given time and what will be a big hit. We’ve developed a method that helps raise the chances of success and that gives your film a better starting point than many other films out there, but still – even though we can get your film in front of millions of people – we can’t force them to buy or rent it, it’s up to them. 
  • We can never really predict how many royalties will come in from a title. We can, though, promise you this: If you DON’T distribute your film, you are guaranteed to get no money at all.

What’s in it for Rising Sun Media? 

  • Our standard agreement is for a revenue share of 50-50; That means that you, the filmmaker, will receive half of all accrued royalties. 
  • It also means that if your film makes no sales, we don’t get paid either. That motivates us to get your film onto as many platforms as possible, so the most amount of people will get a chance to see it! 
  • Plus, unlike most distributors, we don’t deduct any expenses whatsoever from your revenue. So when your film brings in revenue you will get it. 

Does this cost anything? 

  • No, there are no costs involved in working with Rising Sun Media! Bear in mind, that in order to have the film ready for distribution, there is a list of files that we’d need to receive that are the responsibility of the filmmaker to provide. For those there may be some costs to the filmmakers (example: if a filmmaker wants to redo the film poster, and hires a designer for that).

When will I find out if you want to work with me? 

  • We will notify you in writing up to 10 days after the date of submission.

What am I waiting for? 

  • Nothing. So go ahead and submit already! You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Just email us a link to your film and we’ll get back to you.